Medical School Life

Becoming a Doctor, One Day at a Time

Using a Doctors Note

Last month was one of the most horrific and devastating months of my life.  My grandmother died and that was super traumatic to my family and friends.  She passed away in peace, however, and is now amongst grandpa in heaven.

 I was also studying for this anatomy final that was due on Friday the 23rd of June.  It was the 20th and I had nothing studied and knew very little.  We had to study various parts of the colon, and it was something that just did not interest me. That is why I needed an excuse from a doctor in a note form.

I think I am dealing with some very deep depression and have struggled a lot lately with it.  I remember in high school the deep depression that I went through, and the various doctors and psychologists I saw to treat it. Nothing ever really worked, and I tried a lot of SSRIs and other medications, but to no avail.

Wednesday, the 20th came around and I had not done any of my medical studies.  The exam was in three days.  My cousin Sarah wanted to rent the movie Gladiator – mainly to watch Joaquin Phoenix – and we ended up watching it several times and discussing the historical truths to the film.  We particularly liked the doctor’s roles in the movie – it seemed very realistic for the times.

The 22nd came along and I still had not done any work or done any of my medical studies.   My friend Melanie told me about this doctors note website, called  The site allows you to print out a fake note and turn it in.  It looked incredibly convincing. The site was really cheesy looking and I didn’t trust it at first, but man, the thing really worked great.   I printed out a note and it looked fantastic.  I even got a note that had an authentic signature.  It all printed out beautifully on my inkjet printer.

I  turned the note in with confidence, and I was excused from the test.  I got several extra days now to study – so I should be able to ace the test, no problem.